Auto Service for Brakes

Most people would rather have a vehicle that would provide utmost quietness when driving. This is one of the beauties of an electric car, or of most luxury vehicles.

In these cars, there is only a very slight hum of the machine underneath the hood, rarely any sounds of pebbles, dirt, or sand underneath the tires. There is not even the sound of the wind!

That dream sounds nice, if your reality is different, and you can hear of the most annoying sounds is your car brakes squealing each time the brake pedal is depressed! This can most certainly be the start of a headache for some people.

When brakes squeal, it could be the start of something that could prove to be damaging to your car. One of the reasons this happens is that the brake pads are bearing excessive wear.

The solution to this would be to actually replace the brake pad itself. However, there are other reasons why this happens and it would be a wise move to first find out what could be the cause. 

If the material on your brake pad is something that is not suited for your particular car's brake system, the squealing would not stop with new brake pads of the same type.

Other reasons could also be misaligned calipers, loose calipers, pads that are not the correct size, glazed rotors, glazed pads, and warped rotors.

The easy route to a solution is to use our search feature to find your nearest MAP service center and ask for assistance from a professional. If there are more complex reasons that are causing the squeaking problems, these automotive technicians will take care of it for you. 

If there is a need for replacement of brake pads for your vehicle visit one of our members with an online store or other online service facility that offer quality parts.