When is Auto Repair Needed?

Automotive service and repair keeps changing dramatically with each generation. The answer to when auto repair is needed is no longer an easy one. Fewer parts meant fewer problems, but they usually happened at quicker intervals. Now there are many more moving parts, more and more of them are electronic.

There is a lot of great news with this new technology. Although there are more parts, most auto repair is required on a less frequent basis for newer cars. Furthermore, due to new computerized diagnostics problems can be detected, and smaller auto repairs can be made at much less expensive rates than they would cost if larger systems faulted.

Today, high-tech systems that were unheard of 30 years ago - electric windows, anti-lock brakes, and other computerized diagnostics - are now very normal.

With the advent of hybrid vehicles, and other new technology the swift pace of technological advancement will not slow any time soon. News flash...new interactive suspensions, constantly variable-speed transmissions, and showroom floors with functioning concept model flying cars are here!

For automotive service professionals, this means continual training and coursework to keep up with the torrent of changes. Still today, many people may talk about people working in auto repair shops as being "grease monkeys," mechanics today have become automotive technicians, many of them are every bit as comfortable behind a computer screen and keyboard as under the hood with a wrench.

The Motorist Assurance Program (MAP) is dedicated to helping the automotive service and auto repair industry cultivate consumer trust. Both the shop and the consumer will get off to a better start, MAP believes, if they share a common road map to the customer' car, something each could follow to help prevent misunderstandings.

As to when you require auto repair, that's really challenging to describe in writing. Our top recommendation is to follow the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations as to the frequency of your regular check-ups, and you will experience the fewest auto repair needs.

If you suspect something is wrong with your car now, visit any MAP auto repair center and you will be handled with care.