Cars that Fly

November 30, 2012

A flying car is finally in the showroom, price tag $1 million (including your parachute). Transit enthusiasts yearn for new ways in how Americans get around. From a high-speed rail network to urban people-movers that use small electric podcars, the way we get around is changing faster than we realize.

America is a highly individualized country are too spread out to emphasize mass transit  for better or worse we'll still be mostly about cars in 2020.

General Motors plans to have a self-driving car by 2018. Futuristic thinker, Tom Frey of Davinci Institute, predicts that vehicles will be available on demand, like taxis without drivers. Can you imagine getting into a car, punching into a computer where you want to go, and then sit back while the car takes you there?

- AARP 10 BreakThroughs for 2010