DIYers Do More

November 30, 2012

DIYers are doing even more of their own auto repairs than in 2008 due to the lingering economic downturn. According to the ?2010 DIY Report? from based on retail auto parts website surveys. Seventy-seven percent of confirmed DIY'ers cited ?saving money as the top reason for performing their own car repairs, with 97 percent noting that doing their own repairs is saving them money.

One in three DIYers claimed savings of more than $1,000 yearly and nearly 70 percent said they saved $500-plus, while 87 percent claimed savings of more than $300. More than a third of the DIYers surveyed said they are doing more auto repairs than two years ago (prior to the recession), with more than half saying they are doing ?significantly more.

Of those DIYers doing more of their own repairs, the majority cited ?the bad economy and ?holding onto my vehicle longer as reasons. Two-thirds of DIYers said they perform both basic and complex repairs. The most often-performed repairs were basic, with battery, air filter, windshield wiper blade, antifreeze and spark plug replacements performed by more than 90 percent of the DIYers.

- Service Executive 10.27.10.p4