Recycled Car Parts

November 30, 2012

Recycled car parts have come a long way since scrap iron and aluminum were collected during WWII to build battleships.

Some examples of recycled car parts include: Batteries are recovered for their lead and plastic to be made into new batteries. Bumper covers are made from polymers that are made into outdoor furniture and containers.

Catalytic converters are recovered for precious metals of platinum and palladium and steel. Brake fluids and other fluids such as coolant, oil, windshield solvent and gasoline are recovered and recycled.

Glass windshields and windows are recycled into tile flooring, countertops, and made back into glass again. Tires are shredded and processed to produce steel from the belts, road bed material and mulch. In some parts of the country the rubber is turned back into petroleum or converted into heat.

- Autoweek 04.19.10.p32